About Stephen

Stephen is the founder of Centaur Strength. He received a Personal Training minor from Calvary University via Johnson County Community College in 2014. Now, he has decided to pursue a career in fitness and focus on strength coaching. He has a particular emphasis on powerlifting and strongman coaching. He was certified through Westside Barbell in February 2022 as a Special Strengths Coach. In March 2023 he founded Centaur Strength LLC. Stephen has been taking clients both out of his garage gym which has professional-grade equipment, and at his local gym The Forge Strength Gym where he trains in Lees Summit, Missouri.


Core Values

Our core values drive us to pursue excellence every day. These values provide direction, and accountability at every turn. We look to refine and build on each process in order to produce the best results and empower those around us.


We push, we support, and we encourage.


We challenge our minds and we discipline our bodies to new levels.


We care about helping the newer lifter and the seasoned veteran.


We set goals, we plan, and we train consistently.


We celebrate accomplishments.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to train lifters to go beyond their comfort zone and redefine their max through consistent and targeted training.

WSBB Certificate

Training with a Certified Westside Barbell trainer means you are getting the best strength training methodologies in the world. With proven results and unmatched performance gains. Let us help you redefine your max!